Medjumbe Private Island Location

Shaped like a dropped pearl, Medjumbe Private Island lies at the northernmost reach of the 250km long Quirimbas Archipelago – a spectacular 45-minute flight from mainland Pemba in northern Mozambique. Here you can escape to your own private paradise, where unexplored dive sites and spectacular marine life await discovery.

Medjumbe is as close as one gets to earthly paradise, with unending stretches of silver beach reaching down to a translucent, aquamarine sea. Sea, sand and sky merge here in blissful cohesion, whilst unspoilt beaches, coves and small bays lie waiting to be discovered. With the island uninhabited and the surrounding ocean protected, Medjumbe represents a world untainted by man. Surrounded by such natural beauty, your soul will soar as your body relaxes into languid bliss.