Medjumbe Private Island Reviews

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  1. Lauren said:

    February 2011, Medjube, small, perfect private island. good diving, stunning food and beach chalets. 1km long and 500 wide. Good snorkling. Perfect to just be a “couple” and relax. wonderful setting

  2. Wendy said:

    Beautiful location – staff so helpful. Food amazing and diving out of this world! A must if you are lookig for something really, really special!

  3. Mehedi said:

    We spent 5 days of pure bliss on this incredlibly beautiful island paradise. It is a perfect spot for those wanting to toally unplug from the world and relax on a gorgeous private beach with incredibly great food and service. The General Manager has set the perfect tone worrying about all the details that make one’s stay very special.

    Our Cottage was very comfortable and the staff was totally unobtrusive. We never even saw staff anywhere near our room unless summoned and was always cleaned when we left for meals or exploring.

    The sunsets over the long spit of sand with the water lapping up from both directions along with the birds and crabs made for an incredibly beautiful and special romantic setting.

    The all inclusive nature and not having to be signing for something every time you turn around made it a real pleasure. The drinks and food were really top shelf. Really amazing!

    We visit roughly a dozen countries and as many deluxe resorts per year and Medjumbe takes the cake! We are trying to figure out when we can get back and even considering to hire it for an upcoming 50th birthday celebration.

  4. Steph Travis said:

    We have travelled to a lot of Indian Ocean islands and Medjumbe stands out by far as being an exceptional destination for a peaceful vacation. On arrival you know that you have landed in heaven and the experience doesn’t change for the duration. We were fortunate enough to spend 10 days on the island and the rooms are spacious – if you take into account that you have your own patio (unusual) and splash pool (even more unusual) – the bathroom is large and well appointed and the outside shower a real treat. Little could beat the great food though – we are fussy about quality and have never had such scrumptious fare on an island holiday. The chefs are obviously well trained – lobster, prawns and fresh fish in all sorts of wonderful combinations and sauces (even lobster as a bar snack) – and the pastry chef is one of the best I have encountered, serving delicious treats every day. The service staff are also very charming and the barman is a truly delightful man – no matter what time of day or night he greets everyone with a beaming welcome and can’t do enough to please. Both Yanni (manager) and Jacki (F & B manager) were attentive ensuring that our needs were met at all times. The island itself is so interesting as the tidal difference creates a varied vista at different times of day including being able to walk out onto the vast sandbank at low tide. Although Medjumbe is not a cheap destination, everything (except diving) was included and it was a pleasure not to have to sign for every snack or drink ordered. Our travel agent was concerned that we may be bored after a few days but even after the first week we were wondering when the boredom was likely to set in … and, despite never turning on our TV, it never did. If you want a lot of partying and / or expect to be entertained then stay away from this piece of paradise but, if you want peace and quiet, great food, exceptional service and breathtaking vistas, then Medjumbe is for you.

  5. Jen said:

    We were booked for 3 nights and due to the rain – “forced” to stay for 5 nights.

    I have to agree with a previous reviewer that the Island is Scruffy – a hotel charging these rates can clean up the entire beach – It is leased to the Owner of the hotel – his duty to clean it up – many people in Pemba looking for jobs … Just do it !!

    We found the food wonderful, the rooms large, airy and decorated professionaly. The bathrooms spacious and spotless.

    Totally private and a wonderful place to unwind with minimal overfussing from staff.

    Highly recommend this sanctuary to anyone wanting to feel like one of the rich, famous and pampered.

  6. Tristan said:

    That’s not a cheap hotel. So you expect a great island and great services and you will get both. You have to know the island is really gorgeous as soon as you love birds, crabs, being lonely on a white beach, staring at a green and blue lagoon. Service is excellent despite you can’t get any real discussion. The staff does not speak really english and has a great style, so will never “bother” or even speak to you. A little bit posh but really efficient and nice. Everything is done to make you stressless. If you have an argument there with you wife / husdand during your stay at Medjumbe, divorce immediately. Food is good despite strongly US-English flavours. You are aware. The fact that everything is included (food, house drinks, which include alcoolholic drinks) is great because you just don’t have to bother about money once you arrived at Medjumbe. Just enjoyed this superficial paradise, ideal for forgetting your worries. Enjoy birds watching (endless show, fantastic), look at the sunset and special bravo the private dinner on the beach under the stars.

  7. Khairul said:

    We spent only three days in Medjumbe but we can say: staff perfect, manager delightful, great to have our own jacuzzi almost on the beach (each bungalow has one) and a private outside shower; we had dinner on the beach with lobsters & champagne (offered by the manager), food was great and, most of all, the island is beautiful, there is nobody around, the colors of the sea, sky and clouds always change along with the tides and you can romantically walk surrounded by birds in an absolute silence wondering how stunningly beautiful Nature can be.
    On the other side the design of the bungalows is banal, improvable and not up to the rest. Diving sites are not up to our expectations (though we are experienced divers, having seen a lot of places, so can be ok for for first and junior divers). The common pool is ugly, but who cares when you have such a sea to swim in?

    A tip: having bungalows from 10 to 13 is a better choice, as the beach is better ( without rocks ) and bungalows themselves are further away from each others

  8. Adrivd Wetering said:

    With the beach and spectacular views at your doorstep, it is hard not to enjoy your stay at Medjumbe. The resort has lots to do, but you can also just lounge around and soak up the island atmosphere while enjoying ice cold caparinias. Tony and his staff (Bacar, Salimo, Abacar, Steve…) went out of their way to accommodate our every need. The food was great and service was ALWAYS with a smile. It is truly barefoot luxury as advertised. We would certainly return.

  9. Sarah Taylor said:

    Everything about trip to Medjumbe was amazing and I advise go there now before there is a year long waiting list to visit. with only 12 guest rooms on the whole island you never feel crowded and sometimes would go a whole day without seeing another person. the rooms are stunning with decks overlooking the sea each with their own plunge pool. Bed was a little hard though but the hammock made up for it. Be prepared to relax when you are here and take lots of books. I love reading and sunbathing and my husband enjoys swimming , fishing and water-ski ing so it suited us perfectly. The staff were fantastic – attentive without being annoying and the sports guys great fun. And finally the food – delicious! if you are looking for somewhere beautiful, relaxing and luxurious without being OTT then this is the place. I will definitely go back. Ideal for couples.